Welcome to Soulcology

and a wondrous way of living each day of your life.

Soulcology brings a way of life that opens the doors for you to realize your own full potential. If you would like to stop living in vague daydreams, and want to bring the ethereal down to earth and into your life – spend some time in tranquil Elandskraal – Garden Route – to reignite your soul to LIFE.


Discover your ultimate self-reality – and the relationship of man, woman, mind and the Universe – On this journey you will find that there IS a Supreme Universal Intelligence that resides within the deeper levels of the human mind – and you will learn how to make contact with this Supreme Mind.


Then you will bring forth into your conscious mind and surface daily life, the creativity, attributes and power of the Universal Mind for the purpose of improving life through the application of Universal Truths.


Private Sessions; workshops and seminars are available

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